Dog Sledding Experience in Tromso Norway

by Planet Hopper Girl

Husky sledding also called as “mushing” in the frozen wilderness is a unique adventure which can be experienced only in few places in the world, and Northern Norway is a great choice. You can enjoy this ultimate snow adventure, dog sledding experience in Tromso, Norway, with many tour operators who will pick you up from the city centre and provide an experienced guide who will not only teach you how to ride a sled, but also shows you the unique relationship with the trained dogs. Before the days of snowmobiles, the huskies were the only available fast and easy way to transport goods over large distances and was the major form of communication during the world war I.
Though I am not used to pet animals, I was very excited to try the snow sledding experience. Being from a tropical climate, I have not had the chance to ski yet, so the opportunity to simply roll over the snow was a delightful experience to start with.

I visited Tromso as part of a ten day Arctic Road Trip in winter with Arctic adventures in mind and I can easily say that the Dog Sledding Experience in Tromso Norway was one of the major highlights of the trip. I thoroughly enjoyed the drive to the dog sledding camp in the country side, the ultimate snow ride experience in the snow wilderness and the camp site experience with Norwegian dishes to finish the day off.

Find Budget Friendly Dog Sledding Expeditions from Tromso

There are so many tour companies offering the dog /reindeer sledding and snowmobiling in remote camp sites from Tromso. Almost all of them will pick you up from the city center however one good thing to check is whether they provide the required clothing for the experience. We went with Lyngsford Adventure which drove us to the beautiful Camp Site Tamok along a breathtaking route. 

Most of these tours are usually fully booked and we struggled to find a spot at the last moment and had to get help from our Airbnb host, so I recommend BOOKING IN ADVANCE. You could choose Get Your Guide Tours for getting a full refund if you can’t make it. I have added a few links from Get Your Guide below that I think are the best value for money.

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase, I receive a small commission. There is no additional cost to you. I would  apreciate the support.

A day in Camp Tamok, Tromso

On Our Way to the Dog Sledding Experience in Tromso Norway

Camp Tamok is an hour and a half southward drive from Tromso near to the Swedish border and also very close to Lyngen Alps, where we spent a day during our road trip on our way back from Sweden to Norway. The Lyngsford Adventures tour bus picked us up from the Tromso city centre early in morning and this scenic bus ride reminded me of my childhood journeys to visit my grand parents at the Wayanad hill station in Kerala. The scenery contrast was a stark contrast from the green rain forest view to white frozen snow view.

Planet Hopper Girl: On the way from Tromso to Camp Tamok, Norway

The scenic bus ride was spectacular and no matter how hard we tried to take pictures from the moving bus they didn’t do it justice so we settled for just admiring the view as we went. This was one of the most beautiful bus rides I have ever taken. Our first encounter with Camp Tamok was the barking of the huskies in small sheds in a snow filled forest. The camp is absolutely stunning consisting of amazing snow huts and a backdrop of Norwegian fjords.

Planet Hopper Girl: First view of Camp Tamok and huskies (so cute I know), Norway

Dog Sledding Expedition: Day Time

Upon arrival, we were greeted by welcoming staff and were taken to a changing room where the staff explained  about the activity and the gear they provide (they had a wide selection of sizes). All of us were kitted up in a snow suite, boots, gloves and the classic viking leather hats. Once we were fully equipped to go out in the snow, we were divided into groups and introduced to our sled guide and huskies that were going to take us forward in the snow. Our guide was a husky trainer from Poland who spends the winter in Norway with the huskies.

Dog sledding team, Camp Tamok, Norway

Planet Hopper Girl: Dog sledding team, Camp Tamok, Norway

Onward to our Dog Sledding Adventure

 The sledding is done in pairs with one person sitting and the other one controlling the movements. The driver is responsible for activating the snow break on the sledge, essentially an anchor that you could stand on, to maintain the correct speed and give the dogs a helping hand on steep inclines. 

Once we were all comfortable, we began our sledding journey. With no prior experience around huskies or skiing, I decided to sit back and be sledded πŸ™ I know so lame, but my friends loved it so don’t be like me. Go for it!

Planet Hopper Girl: All ready to be dog sledded, Camp Tamok, Norway

We started off the 12 km trail with plenty of stops at first while we got use to it however once everyone got a hang of things, we started moving ahead fast and it felt thrilling just like being a roller coaster. Sometimes when we encountered a narrow section steering presented more of a challenge, however overall the pace was good and made for a very enjoyable ride.

Planet Hopper Girl: Onward on our dog sledding experience in Camp Tamok, Tromso, Norway

After a while we got to the open snow field with majestic mountains all around us making for a splendid view. Folks also do this tour in the evening to try and see northern lights and I could imagine how that would have been a rewarding experience. 

Dog sledding experience in Tromso Norway

Planet Hopper Girl: Dog sledding experience in Tromso Norway

Break time during the dog sledding adventure

We were out for 1.5 hours sledding but we did stop for a quarter of an hour break in the middle of the mountains. Here you can switch the roles as driver and sitter as well as the opportunity to chat with the guide as well as getting to to know the dogs better.

Planet Hopper Girl: Break in the mid way of the dog sledding trail in Tromso Norway

Do the dogs sled easily or is it cruel on them?

 I know what you are thinking, is it easy for the dogs to carry you? You can see they do struggle a little bit on steep uphill stretches, but they are well trained for this and the number of dogs chosen is based upon the weight they have to carry. All of us enjoyed spending some time with the huskies, and learning their names which I have now forgetton. Kishore on the left particularly enjoyed playing with the dogs.

Planet Hopper Girl: Fun time with the cute little sledding monsters- super snow-fit and candy!

First time hugging a dog, Tromso, Norway

Planet Hopper Girl: First time hugging a dog, Tromso, Norway

This was the first time I actually decided to be close to a dog, as I’d had a bad childhood experience being chased by a dog and I am still scared of them. I really loved seeing the energy and excitement of these huskies and tried to hug them, with a little hidden fear of course. I guess the padded winter suit helped elevate my confidence :).

Norwegian friend from Tromso, Norway

Planet Hopper Girl: Norwegian friend from Tromso, Norway

It was such a fantastic memory, I bought myself a husky soft toy to act as my  virtual guard dog, complete with a motion sensor attached to him. 

Back at Camp Tamok

After the 1.5-hour dog sledding adventure we were back at the camp which was beautifully lit up welcoming us for a hot drink in one of the Lavvos (tent like structures).

Camp Tamok, Tromso, Norway

Planet Hopper Girl: Camp Tamok, Tromso, Norway

The Lavvo entrance reminded me of  the Vikings and their boats from outside. This camp tent was very intriguing and a traditional Norwegian experience was waiting for us inside.

Lavvo in Camp Tamok, Tromso, Norway

Planet Hopper Girl: Lavvo in Camp Tamok, Tromso, Norway

Inside was a complete contrast to the outside, with an amazing campfire and seating making this cosy experience just perfect after our freezing adventure. We were all seated on chairs with reindeer skin and were served some reindeer soup. The soup was unlimited and my friends manged 8 or so rounds as they had worked up quite an appetite sledding.  What is even better? Gluten free bread was available for Marc who often has to skip  these delicious food items, now you know who had the 8 rounds. At the same time, poor Kishore, being a vegan, found this experience a bit daunting with the animal skin and soup. So if you are sensitive to this you may want to skip this part. I personally found this heart and body warming and it was perfect moment to think a bit about the Vikings history.

Planet Hopper Girl: A hot meal in a heated Lavvo in Camp Tamok, Tromso, Norway

Final Thoughts on the Dog Sledding Experience in Tromso Norway

I thought dog sledding was a very memorable adventure and fully worth the money we paid for it. It was a perfect Arctic day to remember, getting to experience the huskies and to sled in the ultimate cold weather. The whole team in Campo Tamok made this dog sledding experience very welcoming, comfortable and enjoyable.

Camp Tamok, Tromso, Norway

Planet Hopper Girl: Camp Tamok, Tromso, Norway

Want to book a dog sledding experience in Tromso Norway?

Here are some top options from Get Your Guide, which is a great safe booking option as they fully refund you if you don’t make it.

What to Wear during Arctic Adventures?

  1. Warm woolen underwear or thermals – Merino wools
  2. Cap or bands to keep your ears warm
  3. Fleece
  4. Circle Neck Scarf
  5. Winter boots
  6. Ski pants- if you have not tried these before, skiing pants make your arctic adventure much more comfortable
  7. Action Camera
  8. Water bottle

My circular faux fur scarf from accessorize was a life saver for me during my trip to the Arctic. It helped a lot with keeping my head, neck and face warm when needed and I found it just perfect. I lent the scarf to another friend when she visited Tromso and she  thought the scarf was a life saver too. I fully recommend it as it is one of my most important winter possessions, suiting any cold environment which I later tested out in Toronto Canada during winter as well.

Things to do in Tromso in Winter

This dog sledding adventure was done as part of my road trip to Arctic for ten days, including three days in Tromso in winter.

We mostly spent our nights Aurora chasing and exploring Tromso during the day time, if you don’t have a car I would advise going on an Aurora chase tour to try and maximise your chances. Also I think it is well worth taking the Funicular for a top view of Tromso and going for a  whale watching experience as I mention in my guide.

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Shikha Kaiwar November 9, 2020 - 5:44 pm

As a California girl, all that snow is so wild to me!

Planet Hopper Girl November 29, 2020 - 8:59 pm

Wild snow for a Californian girl, but being wild is free πŸ˜‰ Go for it, you will enjoy winter adventures, all you need is layers πŸ˜‰

Alexandra November 15, 2020 - 3:33 pm

We are currently in Sweden and we so hope to try dog sledding very soon now! Your pictures are great, great, great! Love especially the ones with the dogs. Thanks for sharing!!

Planet Hopper Girl November 29, 2020 - 8:59 pm

Perfecto, try dog sledding you will enjoy. It is a day out with the huskies.

Lia Cooper November 23, 2020 - 5:18 pm

I share your enthusiasm because I have done this too, at Levi in Finland. It was a fantastic adventure. Loved those huskies.

Planet Hopper Girl November 29, 2020 - 9:00 pm

I am glad you agree. I think I will do this again in Finland when I go. Have you tried ice swimming yet πŸ˜‰

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