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Welcome to Planet Hopper Girl, a travel destinations & road trip blog providing authentic travel tips and itineraries for scenic routes and destinations across the world. Here you will find travel resources to plan your next adventure, be it destination guides or road trip itineraries, curated from real travel experiences with first-hand travel photography.  Get ready to follow an exploratory lifestyle by adding epic travel adventures and experiences across the world to your travel bucket list.  Join me in making our travel and road trip  dreams a reality! 

Every destination has a different story to tell. We try to capture unique experiences and cultures around the world, with curated itineraries, tips and guides inspire and help you plan your next travel adventures. Find destinations around the world, mainly around UK, USA and Europe with city guides, cross country road trip itinaries inlcuding local’s guides to guide your exploratory journey.


Road Tripping is the heart of Planet Hopper Girl. We feature epic road trips around the world, experiences as well as bucket list scenic routes along with ultimate road trip planner and guides to make your road trip planning and journeys easier.  Our road trip itineraries are from real experiences and we include epic itineraries around UK, USA and Europe with multiple cross country routes.


Travel planning is tedious, especially when there are thousands of options, be it destinations, bucket list items or stay options. We love staying in remote places as well as luxurious places, and we have a long list of bucket list adventures. We share all tips, tricks and guides to help your travel planning and decisions easier, with our top recommendations of accommodations and travel logistics services around the world.



My preferred travel style is “Road Trips” and I often take routes that you might have never thought of visiting.  Read some of the top road trip itineraries which gives a flavour of my travel style and bucket list dreams. 


Since 2020, I have been exploring UK by road covering scenic routes in Scotland, England and Wales. One of my best road trips was a 2 week road trip to Scotland covering the highlands and the exotic NC500 route. Checkout the ongoing sereis of epic road trips around the UK through my lens and words, I try to take you through the corners of the UK, I explored and experienced.


Travel Tips & Bucket Lists

I have been road tripping around Europe, USA and UK since last five years checking some off my bucket list destinations and routes in these continents. Get help from my recommended “travel resources and guides” to make your adventures a reality. Let us start planning…


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Isle of Skye Fairy Pool Scotland Roadtrip


Planet Hopper Girl

Hi! I am Jumana, a technologist and an adventurous spirit hopping around the world in my spare time. I have been travelling since I was 15, both as an expat as well as a tourist including living in 3 continents. My favourite travel style is “On the Road” and I have perfected the art of road trip planning, covering multiple scenic and undiscovered routes around Europe, UK and USA. I share my travel stories and guides to  help you plan affordable travel adventures, and encourage you to follow a traveller lifestyle, the ultimate way to discover yourself and find freedom.


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