Planning a road trip and don’t have time to go through hours of research? Let me take the stress out for you! I know it can be tedious to organize with lot of things to take care of, whether it’s your first or 100th, local or international road trip. Here you will find the best road trip tips, hacks, packing list items, itineraries, helpful applications and other resources you’ll need to make your road trip planning and journeys stress-free.

Inveraray Village Scotland
Inveraray, an unplanned visit during a Scotland Road Trip


New to road tripping?  Let me share my perspectives on why I love road trips and hopefully that will inspire you to try road tripping.  Road trips are one of the best ways to explore a new country. Hitting the roads around your target destination adds plenty more places and routes to your travel experience, adding even more value than you thought possible! With so much spontaneity in these adventures, it’s impossible not be swept up with all that comes along on this trip of a lifetime.


Road trips can can add a lot of flexibility to your travel as everything is under your control, especially which route to take, when to stop and when to move on. If it’s raining in one place and sunny somewhere else, there is no need for any more hesitation; just pack up and head over.  Moreover, taking stops in small villages and towns allows you to experience the core culture of the country and gives the best opportunities for getting to interact with the locals.


Road Tripping is about two things for me- the places and scenic routes on my bucketlist and the other is about the people I go on road trips with. Though you can go on road trips alone, the most enjoyable way is to have company.  The time spent on the road becomes a prominent part of your trip and some of the most memorables moments with your close pals and family are made on the road.


My first road trip was in India with some mates from college with whom I’d attended a concert with. We were part of  a larger group and I realized that I didn’t enjoy the journey so much since we were kind of disconnected from the larger group of friends. My most rewarding road trip was with two other best mates with whom I had gone on a European road trip crossing multiple countries. This taught me why it is so important to pick your road trip companions wisely. This success sparked a deep interest for road trips within me, and got me to plan and enjoy my own road trips once I landed a job and could afford it.

IMG 2888
Arctic Road Trip in Winter Chasing Northern Lights
Vermont Weston Village
Fall foliage road trip in Vermont, USA


Planning a road trip can be more tedious than a usual destination journey, especially if you plan a trip internationally.  But with experience I figured out that it is not as scary or costly as it seems. With a decent group size to share the rental car cost, it is certainly  doable on a budget. 

To make your road trips filled with unique experiences, you have to plan your routes carefully to make sure you take some scenic routes. You could aslo try to find accommodations in remote areas if possible, which might allow you to discover hidden gems and scenic routes. Another important aspect is to make sure you have at least one person who can legally drive in the destination and make sure to learn the local driving rules beforehand. 

Entertainment in the car is a key part of a road trip experience and it is well worth it to create a playlist of music and podcasts to keep you entertained and occupied in the car when you are not immersed in the scenic views outside. 

Wanna Hit the Road?

I hope I have inspired you enough to take that first step and stop hesitating to plan your road trip adventures. Here are my curated tips, tricks and guides to help you get started. My ultimate Road Trip Planner Guide will help you with step by step guidance to plan a road trip from scratch. For those who are interested to know what gear to carry during a road trip for travel photography and navigation, checkout the exclusive Road Trip Travel Accessories page. Road Trip Packing List includes checklists of what to pack for the vehicle as well as for personal care, entertainment and food options. Last but not least, check out some of the epic Road Trip Blogs around the world for your bucket list with helpful itineraries and guides.

Road Trip Guides

Road Trip Guides

Epic Road Trip Itineraries

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