Road Trips

Want some for inspiration to hit the road? You have come to the right page. I have put together some of the best road trips I have been on to motivate you to take that trip you have always wanted to take! Road trips are my most favourite way to travel for many reasons- driving across the land discovering unknown paths and routes,  stopping anywhere as I wish and trying that local restaurant are all part of it. There is something about looking ahead on a road that I can never get over. Enjoy some of the epic road trips I have done across North America, Europe and United Kingdom. Apart from sharing my experiences, I also share:


  1. Google map with all the routes taken during the road trip with links that you can download.
  2. My maps itinerary map with all major attractions I stopped at and I recommend. These colour coded maps are easily downloadable to reuse it while planning your road trip.
  3. Depending on the country, I also add tips and tricks for rental cars and other logistics for executing an international road trip.


Road Trip Mood

"Nothing Behind Me, Everything Ahead of Me, As is Ever On the Road" - Jack Kerouac



North America